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Investors / Mentors

can use the platform anonymously


can stage startups, use advanced analytics to curate


be companies, pre-companies or technology transfers

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navigate from idea to success

is a deal platform and on-line incubator, not a funding portal

shares revenue with nonprofits that promote entrepreneurship

was founded by Wharton Angel Network volunteers

can help universities commercialize significant technologies

can improve a startup's odds of getting funded

can sign up their firm, club or group as an ambassador

is free for investors to discover, source, screen and collaborate

can directly participate in the curation process

can see the credentials of collaborators

can go beyond just relying on social proof

can sort startups by how they match their preferences

can sponsor up to five networks for free

can form circles and private screening committees

can integrate business plan competitions

can administer events, showcases and conferences

be VCs, angel groups, syndicates, micro funds, schools . . .

can find out what investors really think about their business

can gauge investor interest -  "test the waters" before raising capital

can read feedback as investors anonymously screen their profile

can become more investment worthy

can connect with mentors as well as investors

be alumni clubs, accelerators, law firms, social media groups. . .

be funding portals, banks, family offices, associations . . .

can join networks, collaborate with classmates/colleagues

can ask ambassadors' circle members to screen their profile

can directly apply to ambassador funds, programs and events

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about fees to publish a startup profile and subscribe to networks

about how we support nonprofits that empower entrepreneurs

about writing your pitch and executive summary

about signing up - it's easy and free

about reading feedback from investors

about why user content shouldn't contain confidential info

simplifies how startups and investors first connect



intellectual property custodians

use the platform, just in case you don't find something intuitive

follow the path to raising capital

choose your investment and/or mentoring preferences

become a circle or screening committee member



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AngelRoot, Inc. is a NY State Benefit Corporation founded to empower entrepreneurs to cultivate nascent ideas and advance significant technologies.