AngelRoot is for INVESTORS

Because you're all going to need deal flow!

AngelRoot is for MENTORS

The platform encourages startups to surround themselves with talent.

Give a startup a fish and they'll meet their projections.

Teach them how to fish and they'll be profitable every year.

If you are looking to exchange your or your firm's expertise, ideally for sweat equity, please register as a Mentor.

As a mentor you will be able to sign your firm up as an ambassador. That way, startups will  be able to easily seek you out. Your ambassador profile is designed to facilitate you offering the following types of support:

     Project-based support (such as consulting, legal, accounting, and IT  development);

     On-going advisory support (usually part-time involvement from seasoned,  industry experienced business people);

     Business leadership (generally, an opportunity to become an integral part of a management team or help form an entity based on an emerging university  technology)

Even though exchanging expertise is its own reward, don't forget to invite yourself for dinner.

AngelRoot is for ENTREPRENEURS

Because AngelRoot is where entrepreneurs learn to fly.

Most founders are optimists – individuals who are gifted with insight, the ability to foresee opportunity, and in rare cases  shape the future.

We established AngelRoot to empower entrepreneurs to advance their ideas and technologies.

So, if you sign-up as an Entrepreneur you can submit a profile of your Company. You can even submit one for a yet-to-be-formed entity. We call that a Pre-Company.

And, if you work for a university or institute and manage their intellectual property, you can sign up as an IP Custodian and submit profiles of Technology Transfers (applied research/technologies) that your school or institution may want to commercialize.

Startup profiles can be managed by more than one administrator, provided of course, they also have super powers.


Because not every consequential technology is invented in a university research lab. But many are.

Historically, universities and institutions have licensed their emerging technologies. Many, however, have recently begun exploring alternate paths to commercialize them. The AngelRoot platform was designed to facilitate a number of these paths.

If your organization is considering forming a company around its intellectual property, the platform is particularly well suited to help you recruit a qualified core business team. Your Technology Transfer profile allows you to also explore more traditional commercialization paths such as licensing; signing up research partners; securing clinical trial sponsors; and, of course, selling the IP.

Perhaps we can help you find the path of least resistance.

Choosing your user type

You may select as many user-types as you want. Platform features, functions and privileges are based on the hat(s) you decide to wear.

AngelRoot users can wear more than one hat.

There is no charge to register. Even though you can select any or all the following user types, we suggest initially selecting the one that best reflects how you plan to use AngelRoot. The platform is nuanced to behave based on the user type(s) you select.


 Entrepreneurs  can submit startup profiles;

 IP Custodians can submit technology transfer profiles and then explore commercializing technology developed by the university or institute where they work;

InVestors can use the platform to discover startups seeking to gauge their interest in making an investment;

Mentors can discover startups that may require their of their firm’s expertise.


After you register, you can add a user type(s) from your dashboard. Colored icons (examples above and below) are used throughout the platform to indicate section access and privileges. Icons are also used to identify:


Administrators can edit and manage the profiles they have created and own or have been invited to co-own.

Circle Members are those users who have joined an ambassador's circle. Circle members who are investors or mentors can refer deals with each other.

Screening Committee Members are investor or mentor  circle members who have been invited to screen startups as part of an ambassador's selection (curation) process. (e.g. a judge in a business plan competition, a committee member that participates in curating startups on behalf of a syndicate, etc.)